Canadian Immigration Is Supplying Amazing Population Growth

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Canada has just finished its census, this takes place every five decades. The results showed a remarkable growth in population. The average population growth for Canada has hit a new high at 5.9 percent that’s a considerable increase over the 5.4 percent that revealed in the previous census readings. The census also revealed that roughly 2/3 of the population growth was due to immigration. For details info visit Canadian immigration lawyers.

A few of the Provinces in Canada are surpassing the average in population growth. This is supposed to be a result of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) that are a part of the Canadian Immigration process. Sometimes there are wider arrays of jobs available through one of the PNP applications than there is from the Federal Skilled Workers programs. If you’re considering immigrating to Canada, you might want to go over the PNP application option with your immigration attorney to find out if you qualify.

A Few of the Provinces that are topping from the population growth rates are: the Maritime Provinces which include; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Labrador and Newfoundland are also contained in the Atlantic Provinces. The Province of Saskatchewan is also showing a high population growth due to immigration. Situated between Manitoba and Alberta, Saskatchewan is among the fastest growing regions in Canada.

Saskatchewan provides an excellent economy and among the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. This makes it an ideal place for immigrants to settle in. Through their PNP they’re actively trying to recruit immigrants and temporary workers from countries like the United States and Ireland. The economic growth rate in the region is increasing so quickly that they’re experiencing labour shortages in many areas. It’s predicted that in 2012 100 percent of the labour force growth will be a result of immigration. The majority of the immigrants apply through Saskatchewan’s PNP, but they’re also seeing an increase in temporary work permits and global students.

By permitting the Provinces to incorporate the Provincial Nominee Program in the immigration process, Canada is helping to offer the particular workers needed in every area. This allows for a much better fit between those applying for citizenship and the Provinces which are in need of their skilled labour. The census also revealed that children of immigrants were more likely to attend post secondary instruction. This provides reason to think that future generations will have the ability to help fill the present skilled labour fields in Canada.

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