3 Benefits of Using a Divorce Mediator

Family Law

No matter how it’s handled, divorce is never an easy thing. This being said, not all divorces have to be battles. Instead of hiring traditional attorneys, some separated couples choose to seek out a divorce mediator to handle the divorce process. There are a few key advantages to mediation that you may wish to consider.

  1. Neutrality

One of the biggest differences between a mediator and an attorney is whom they represent. For an attorney, only one spouse is considered to be a client, whereas both spouses are the clients of a mediator. While who represents whom may seem irrelevant, this actually has a huge impact on the course the divorce process may take. This is largely because the mediator can try to find a solution that is suitable for both parties. A mediated separation is often called a collaborative divorce NJ.

  1. Calmness

Divorces often become like battles when one spouse’s attorney makes a demand that the other party cannot agree to. Such conflicts and disagreements can cause the divorce process to last much longer than is necessary, which puts a strain on everyone involved. Mediation takes places in a much more private setting that is conducive to productive discussion. This means that the separated couple can fully understand the wishes of the other and reach an agreement without being watched by a whole courtroom of people.

  1. Legal Expenses

Because mediated divorces are often settled much more quickly than those using traditional lawyers, there are fewer expenses incurred. Attorneys often charge hundreds of dollars by the hour, which can add up to a significant amount over time.

Courtroom chaos lends even more hardship to an already difficult situation in most divorces. Consider using a divorce mediator who can help you and your spouse reach a mutually beneficial agreement with as little stress as possible.


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