What You Need To Know About Family Law

Family Law

A family consists of one or more people living together in a group. It can include parents and children but also other members.  Sometimes problems occur in families. These issues may require the help of someone with skill and knowledge of the law to be by your side.

There are many well-known reasons why you or a family member might need the help of an attorney, which may include divorce or child custody issues. But an attorney who focuses on family law Pasco County FL can assist with many other circumstances.


The adoption process can be very stressful without the legalities. It is important to have someone on your side who knows the law surrounding adoption to ensure everything is handled correctly. Paperwork should be completed correctly and filed with the correct agencies and offices.  A family law attorney can help ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Foster Care

Foster care helps children in need of temporary placement because they do not have parents. Sometimes, children are removed from their homes for various reasons. These children need a safe place to reside. There are many things to consider and learn regarding foster care. A family law attorney can help with any questions or resources related to foster care if you are interested in becoming a foster parent.


Determining paternity may be necessary to file for child support. Paternity might also need to be established in a child custody situation. This is another situation where the expertise of a family law attorney is very beneficial.

Child Abuse

Unfortunately, child abuse occurs. Abuse can be indirect or any direct physical, sexual or emotional abuse. A family law attorney can help provide information on reporting abuse and even how to protect a child from abuse.

There are so many ways that a family law attorney can help. Let go of some of the worries and allow a family law attorney to help by providing information and resources to meet your needs.

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