8 Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents


Riding motorcycles is a lot of fun, especially for motorcycle enthusiasts, yet it remains dangerous when safety procedures are not properly followed. Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, especially because the motorcycle does not give them much protection and leaves them exposed. They are also among road users who are difficult to spot hence the largest contributors to the accident and injury rate for every mile traveled. It is important to have protective gear such as a helmet and body protection to reduce the chances of severe injury in an accident. Here is a compilation of some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

In conditions where there is heavy traffic, motorcyclists tend to ride in between two lanes to avoid the traffic. It is common for cars to suddenly shift lanes to those that are faster hence blocking or squeezing the gaps used by the motorcyclists. The occurrence may lead to injury to the rider or extreme damage to the motorcycle.

Driving Under the Influence

It is a common rule for road users not to drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that may impair their judgment, affect their reaction or limit their coordination abilities. Whenever a driver is under the influence, they pause a danger not only to themselves but also to other road users. Motorcyclists who choose to ride under the influence of any substances pose a primary crash risk to themselves.

Over Speeding

Bikes are built to cover distances fast and are generally good with speed. Bringing the bikes under control at high speeds is very difficult and mostly leads to fatal accidents or severe injuries. When at great speeds, it is always possible for objects to suddenly appear on the road too fast for any action to be taken, especially when you override the headlights.

Defective Motorcycles

Maintaining the motorcycle and ensuring that it is road-worthy is an essential duty for every motorcyclist. A malfunction of a defective component on the motorcycle can cause a fatal motorcycle accident or cause the motorcyclist to be thrown off the bike leading to severe injuries. In case the malfunction is due to the manufacturer’s fault caused by poor design or defective parts, consider getting legal redress.

Left Hand Turns

Left-hand turns, especially by cars, are a common cause of motorcycle accidents that leads to fatal injuries or even death. Mistakes such as miscalculating distance and misjudgments in the right of way are leading causes of accidents when making left-hand turns. Drivers mostly look out for oncoming vehicles, especially at junctions, and rarely consider the presence of an oncoming motorbike.

Terrible Road Conditions

Road conditions are subject to change from time to time due to weather, accidents, fallen trees, potholes, and other obstacles that may lie in wait. Motorcyclists need to ride at speeds that give them enough time to react or take emergency stops without any chance of harm. Consider the range of vision and only speed when you are certain there are no more obstacles and the road is clear.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Motorcyclists are more often not visible to the drivers on the road. It is crucial that whenever a motorcyclist wants to change lanes, he should only do so if there is enough space. The drivers should always signal and check their blind spot whenever they want to change lanes to avoid causing accidents.

Car Doors     

Dooring is a significant cause of motorcycle accidents caused by drivers or passengers of vehicles that have parked. When a car occupant suddenly opens the door on the roadside without checking for any approaching motorbike or vehicle, it may lead to sudden accidents. It is therefore crucial for motorcyclists to be keen and remain alert when riding.

The above stated are some of the major factors that cause motorcycle accidents and lead to injuries and fatal accidents. Kindly consider road safety and putting on personal protecting gear anytime you are out for a motorcycle ride.


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