Different Ways Employers Vet Potential Employees


Have you ever wondered about how employers choose to screen the candidates they potentially want to hire? Most companies perform some sort of background check or another on aspiring new hires. Besides a regular criminal history check on this site, employers can use other methods to verify identity and information in the past. Depending on what industry you’re entering, you may encounter various forms of tests you’ll go through during the hiring process.


Many different industries require potential employees to be fingerprinted before they can become employed. Public school systems, law enforcement districts, and medical professionals are a few of the industries that will ask employees for their fingerprints. There are companies out there that provide the service of fingerprinting when an employer is requesting fingerprints Coral Gables FL.


When people are wanting to work for a police department or other law enforcement agency, a common thing they may ask for is for the candidate to take a polygraph test. A polygraph machine works by measuring the body’s responses to certain questions. It’s also known as the lie detector test. It’s not a common kind of thing that many employers use to screen potential employees, but it is used in certain industries that require an extra layer of security.

Transcript Verifications

A common practice in many companies is transcript verification. Along with performing a criminal background check, verifying your college transcript helps managers confirm that you’ve attended the amount of college that you said you did. Verifying someone’s transcript can help you see exactly what kind of education they completed.

Whether you’re undergoing a fingerprint check, taking a polygraph, or having your transcript verified, you know that once the tests are over you’ll feel better. Employers need to make sure people are who they say they are before deciding to add them to the team.

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