Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Wandering the roads on your motorcycle gives you a spectacular feeling, and the fact that you can avoid traffic is a bonus. Knowing a motorcycle accident lawyer is important because you cannot entirely ignore the odds of a bad thing happening while riding your motorcycle.

Compared with car passengers, motorcycles riders have a twenty-nine times likelihood of dying due to a crash. The significance of being safe on roads sinks in when you realize how expensive a motorcycle crash could be.

The most common reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

Lane Switching

Riders of motorcycles mostly ride in the middle of two lanes to avoid traffic. Cars cannot do that. You can watch cars switch lanes from one to the adjacent one constantly, without splitting lanes.

Switching lanes is not a problem as long as it is done safely. The only drawback is when drivers swerve recklessly without minding other motorists using the same road. If they fail to see you before switching lanes, they might end up bumping into your motorcycle and make you stumble over.

Blind Spots

The main distinction between driving a passenger car and riding a motorcycle is the importance of making yourself noticeable. Driving a passenger car is easily visible. This is because cars occupy more space on the road, thus easily seen from different angles.

Motorcycle riders have no such satisfaction. If you fail to make yourself visible to the nearing vehicles, you can be accidentally hit. You must, at all times, be careful of your position on the road as the slightest bump can make you fall over.

Environmental hazards

Environmental hazards can constitute a threat to riders of motorcycles. Potholes and wet roads are examples of environmental hazards on roads that can be especially threatening to motorcycles.

Keeping your balance while riding on a two-wheel is more difficult than controlling a passenger vehicle. It is necessary to be enlightened about these environmental hazards when you plan on riding a motorcycle.

Lane Splitting

The practice of riding in the middle of two lanes, also known as lane splitting, is legal in some states, like California. A rider can use it to escape being stalled by traffic. Despite being legal in this state, lane splitting is not without its risks. The unforeseeable behavior of the other drivers could once more be the root of problems here.

Some drivers might crowd in between the lanes. They could consequently wind up hitting or bumping into your motorcycle. Toppling over a mass of vehicles is dangerous, and that is the reason why you should be cautious while engaging in lane splitting. A motorcycle accident lawyer is important when such events occur.

Turning Vehicles

You hope that other motorists around you on the road are aware and cautious of their surroundings. It is a nice belief, but it is well known that careless divers are there. Motorcycle riders must be especially mindful about drivers in a corner. Other drivers do not pay attention to what is beside them while speeding through a turn.

Your motorcycle could get in the way of the motion of a car turning while moving. You should always check for turning signals every time you are at an intersection. If you see that the car beside you intends to turn, you should be wary about increasing your speed.


Numbers go up steadily when you are accounting for injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. Turning vehicles, lane switching, lane splitting, environmental hazards, and blind spots are major causes of motorcycle accidents. Taking the necessary precautions while riding one is of paramount importance for your safety.

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