When Should You Contact a Competent Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Were you recently injured in an accident? If the injury is grievous or if you’ve suffered considerable damage, an experienced personal injury lawyer can be extremely useful. Johnston Law Firm is a reputed law firm based in Portland Oregon. With a team of experienced lawyers, it helps to file claims and lawsuits for matters pertaining to car accidents, medical negligence, accidental injuries, insurance denials/ claims etc.

A competent personal injury lawyer can fight a case on your behalf, help to settle your insurance claims and even get you monetary compensation for the damage incurred due to the accident. But, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can file a case at the drop of a hat. To provide appropriate consultation, you need a trained legal advisor.

Here are some instances that will help you to decide whether you need a lawyer.

Not Your Fault: In an accident, it is extremely tricky to determine fault. Even if you know that it was the other driver that rammed your car or somebody hit you while you were walking on the right side of the road, it is difficult to prove it in court.

Personal injury lawyers can make all the difference in such instances. Their ability to assess circumstances helps to prove your case in court. It is also quite helpful if multiple parties are involved in the accident. While pressing charges, the damages can be shared and you do not have to bear the burden alone.

Severe Injuries: In case of severe or life-threatening injury, it is important to make an informed decision. An attorney can help you to press charges for the damage done. It can help to foot medical bills and other associated costs.

Mounting Bills: In the instance of an accident, bills can quickly add up and pose difficulties. Medical bills, vehicle repairing or longer stays at the hospital can impose a financial burden that is hard to cope with. In such cases, you can consult a lawyer who can help to file lawsuits and represent you in court.

Insurance Issues: After an accident, insurance companies often fail to cooperate. You must get in touch with a lawyer to sort out such issues. A legal threat, in many cases, turns their decision in your favor.

Local law firms have the expertise to efficiently deal with personal injury cases. The following is a list of issues that can form the premises of a lawsuit.

  • Car accidents
  • Road accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Injuries caused by hazardous property
  • Injuries due to defective products
  • Medical negligence
  • Slips and falls

Apart from these, any accident caused due to the negligence of another party/ parties can lead to a personal injury case.

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

As experts of local law, personal injury lawyers from Johnston Law Firm can help to assess particular situations before filing a case. They will help you with legal paperwork, represent you in court and claim damages. Their ability to negotiate and act as mediators between aggrieved parties help victims to arrive at a favorable settlement.

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