Iowa Vocational Rehabilitaiton Benefits

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Workers who suffer severe injuries may need rehabilitation services to be able to return to their jobs. Some injured Iowa workers are eligible to participate in a program with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services that may be paid for by workers’ compensation insurance.

What Is Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

IVRS is a program for people with a disability that affects their ability to perform work. This program can help workers find, keep or advance in a job. Workers who need rehabilitation services because they have been injured on the job may be eligible for rehabilitation benefits through Iowa workers compensation.

What Benefits Are Available?

Workers who are actively enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation program may receive a weekly payment of $100.00 for up to 13 weeks. Some workers may be eligible for an additional 13-week extension.

Which Workers Are Eligible for Benefits?

All injured workers are eligible to be considered for benefits; however, IVRS makes the final determination based on each individual case. Workers can determine eligibility by meeting with a counselor. Decisions are usually made within 60 days of the initial application. Workers with shoulder injuries are not eligible for rehabilitation benefits, regardless of program participation.

What Are Some Options for Workers With Shoulder Injuries?

Workers with shoulder injuries can not receive benefits, but can still receive services from IVRS. Additionally, these workers may be eligible for assistance from the vocational education and training program.

How Can Workers Apply for Services?

Workers can apply for services by calling their local IVRS office. They may also mail, email or deliver in person a completed VR application.

IVRS programs provide Iowa workers dealing with a job-related disability with options to increase their chances of retaining a current job or finding a new one. Many IVRS services are provided at no charge and workers not covered by insurance may be able to purchase other services at a reduced price based on income.

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