3 Essential Supplies for Law Office Productivity


There are several reasons why an employee might be unproductive—temperature change, exercise (or lack of), home routines . . .

The unfortunate fact for heads of office or owner/operators of a business is that they don’t have much control over these factors. They can’t necessarily influence things like diet or sleep schedules in an attempt to increase productivity in the workplace.

But there’s one factor you can help with: equipment.

If your law office is short on supplies needed to do a good job, the lawyers might be more inclined to slack off or complete a job with minimal effort. After all, part of your job description is to ensure their preparedness.

What office supplies does this entail? We list some must-haves below.

  1. Ergonomic Furniture

Do your employees enjoy the benefits of individual working spaces? Do they have desks that are conducive to an organized working environment? Do their office chairs lend themselves to a comfortable experience—or an annoying one?

Having productivity-inducing furniture is a must.

Lawyers cover difficult cases for hours and days on end, begging the need for chairs that support their posture and desk space that allows them to focus. If they’re uncomfortable or unhappy with your current office setup, they’ll be champing at the bit to go home.

Now, furniture can be pricey . . . so make sure to research things like “cheap law office supplies near me” to find some bargains.

  1. The Basics: Paper, Ink, File Folders, and More

There’s no lack of documents and files in the law industry.

Help your attorneys, secretaries, and other staff members stay prepared by keeping a supply of legal office basics. That includes things like paper, black ink, and folders to keep everything organized. And of course, you’ll need to place your folders in something, so make sure there’s an ample amount of storage space (i.e., file cabinets, desks with drawers, etc.).

Designate one closet or area of the office for back-up supplies, and regularly check inventory to ensure there’s never a shortage. You never know when you’ll be in a bind!

  1. Tech Tools

When it comes to technology, that means anything from tangible objects (desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, etc.) to intangible ones, like software programs.

Make sure your lawyers have up-to-date computers that allow them to send and receive emails, type up transcripts, and more. Ensure that you also have a high-speed internet connection, as well as tools like email management, task managers, and anything else that’s fitting to your practice.

Does Your Law Office Have the Appropriate Supplies?

If not, you may notice a lack of productivity.

You can’t expect your attorneys to fare well when they’re starting from scratch. Instead, give them a solid foundation to work with. Stock up your law office with all the essentials, making their tough jobs that much easier.

You’ll be glad you did.

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