3 Tips To Make Your Bar or Nightclub Safer


Bars and nightclubs are where people go to celebrate the end of a workweek or just hang out with their friends. Even if your usual crowd is rowdy college students, they are coming to your establishment because they trust that they will be safe there. But are they?

Take a Picture

Both high-traffic areas and remote areas should be well-lit and have security cameras posted. This will help you identify troublemakers or pickpockets and it will guard against crimes that people may try to commit “out of sight” of others.

While cameras inside bathrooms aren’t advisable, having one posted nearby to see who goes inside could deter people from using the space for anything but the intended purposes.

Weed Out Trouble

If you expect a large crowd, you should invest in posting a bouncer at the door. They can give patrons a pat-down to ensure they aren’t carrying weapons or contraband, as well as check IDs to ensure that no one underage is served alcohol. This doesn’t just keep vulnerable kids safe from being exploited but keeps you in business. For instance, a Texas alcohol permit may be revoked if you’re caught serving minors in that state.

Stay Well Staffed

Multiple bouncers can deter trouble just by being there, as just knowing they’re being watched can be enough to keep people in line.

Bartenders should hand drinks directly to who they are intended for. If your establishment is so busy that they can’t spare the second it takes, you need to hire more people. When drinks are left unattended it increases the possibility of them being tampered with, and by removing that moment of observation, your bartender may also unwittingly serve someone alcohol who would be better off with water and a ride home.

By providing a safer establishment, you are ensuring your patrons have a good time. They will come back again and again, knowing you have their back.

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