Advantages of an E-2 Visa


Many foreign investors seek to invest in the US economy. They may also want to live in the US to direct and grow their US businesses. If you are a nonimmigrant investor in a US business, you may want to investigate the E2 visa Houston TX.

No Minimum Investment

Although you are required to make a “substantial” investment in a US company, no minimum amount is given. Therefore, you can invest in a profitable company for a low amount and still gain 50% ownership. However, you are required to put your money at risk, so it should be enough that you have a financial interest in the business’ success.

Time and Complexity

Although the processing time can vary significantly based on the country you are from, E-2 visas are processed much quicker than other visas. If your business has E-2 treaty investor business status, your application processing time will be even quicker. In addition, if you are in the US as a legal nonimmigrant, you will experience even less of a waiting period.

Not only can you immediately work in the US upon visa approval, but your spouse can also work and reside in the US. Any children under the age of 21 can also go to school in the US, possibly receiving lower tuition rates because they are considered residents, and can apply for work visas.

Finally, the application paperwork is less complex and the compliance rules are more flexible for E-2 visas than EB-5 investor visas. The process is typically less expensive as well.


The visa period is somewhat short, especially initially, so the government can determine whether your intention is to grow your business. However, as long as you are employing US citizens and residents and seeking a profit, you, your spouse and any specialized foreign employees can continually reapply for E-2 status. Although it is a lengthy process, you can eventually be granted a green card and permanent residency.

Consult an immigration attorney for more information on the benefits and E-2 visa process.


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