Divorce Attorneys and Ohio Divorce Laws


Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys helps clients in getting the best results in a divorce proceeding. They have the experience and legal expertise to navigate a divorce case to its conclusion. Divorced couples can use Columbus Divorce Attorney’s assistance to settle their differences amicably. Whether you are separating legally or just want to make some changes to your marital relationship, Columbus Divorce Attorney can help you with your needs.

Columbus Ohio Family Law Attorneys

The vast resources of Columbus Ohio family law attorneys help clients in finding the right settlement that meets their needs. “Gahanna Ohio family law attorneys assisting clients with dissolution, alimony, child support, modification, annulment, separation, parent’s rights, gay and lesbian family law matters, grandparenting, parenting, post-divorce, paternity, spousal support, marital property, child custody and more.” You do not have to wait to contact Columbus Ohio divorce attorney to get the answers you seek. It is very easy and free to request a free consultation so you can discuss your case with one of the experienced attorneys in the Columbus Ohio area.

Whether you are separated legally or having a contested divorce where there are property divisions, Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys have the experience you need to settle these issues amicably. Columbus attorneys have the expertise to handle all aspects of divorce cases including; pre-divorce negotiations, post-divorce support, settlement of marital debt, division of assets and liabilities, child custody and adoption, separation of children, spousal support and other matters pertinent to family law. These attorneys also have the experience you need to protect your legal rights after a divorce.

Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys

Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys will take an individualized approach to each of your cases, dealing with the particular needs of clients that meet the unique needs of the law. Your Columbus lawyers can assist you from the initial consultation to the judgment of final decree. You can trust them to make decisions based on the merits of your case and advise you on the best course of action for your particular circumstances. You can expect your Columbus lawyers to adhere to the local rules of civil and criminal law applicable to you.

If you have been divorced, you may be interested in learning about the changes to Ohio divorce laws that have affected your circumstances. The laws now allow a Spousal Support Order to be set forth that can have a significant impact on your ability to pay alimony and related expenses.


If you need legal advice regarding your divorce or are involved in a civil procedure case that demands a change in you or your partner’s domicile, then you should contact an attorney at Lawrence Law Office who is practicing in the area of civil procedure in Columbus and Franklin County. Columbus and Franklin County are home to hundreds of professionals who can provide competent representation for individuals of all ages, including teenagers and young adults, as well as those who are elderly. Contact an attorney practicing in the area of Columbus and Franklin County today!

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