Employee Screenings Every Business Should Conduct


As an employer, conducting background checks is vital to ensuring that your workforce is safe, your company finances are secure and your employees are top-notch. There are a variety of verifications you can rely on to achieve this, but the most common involves analyzing a potential employee’s criminal, credit and employment history. A business should depend on one or all of these to make the best hiring decision.

Checking on a Criminal Past

A criminal background check is crucial to weed out potential threats to the workforce. Many employer background check services will run criminal history searches to help businesses avoid legal liability. This type of screening looks for crimes that can affect the well-being of other employees, such as sex crimes or violent offenses. These screenings also check for white-collar crimes, such as fraud or embezzlement.

Looking for Financially Responsible Workers

A credit check may seem unnecessary, but it can tell an employer a lot about a candidate’s level of responsibility and professionalism. A role at a bank, financial advising institution or accounting firm will require an employee with a good handle on money. Someone with good credit and a positive fiscal history makes a better financial professional and will be less inclined to steal money from an employer.

Safeguarding Against Deceptive Credentials

Without employment or educational background checks, a candidate is free to embellish their past work history and academic achievements. Verifying these details is critical if the role requires a professional license. Practicing without one could land both the employer and employee in legal trouble. This type of background check verifies the candidate possesses the degree or professional license they say they do and validates employment history.

Although it is human nature to trust people, many individuals seek to deceive to get ahead. Running these types of background checks will protect your business from these individuals. These screenings will help you create a safe and trusted work environment.


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