Finding A DWI Lawyer in Albany NY


Hey, we’re all guilty of going on a drinking cruise every once in a while. I do hope it’s just once in a while though. If you do it everyday, then that’s a different story. You should really start considering getting some help (read more). Anyway, if you just drink on occasion but somehow end up binging all the alcohol each and every time, what you have probably isn’t something serious. You, my friend, are stressed.

That’s right. The sensation of alcohol going down your throat after a long, hard day of back-breaking work can be especially satisfying. It can give you that sense of relief, as if a boulder has been lifted off your shoulders. And so, you would want to experience the same soothing feeling over and over again. This makes you succumb to the idea of a drinking spree – popping one bottle after the other, downing shots of vodka, tequila, and whiskey limitlessly. Before you even know it, you’ve already lost all your senses. It’s as if your spirit, your sense of self has left you and what remains is a moving body devoid of reason.

All would have been fine if you just decided to doze off at the local bar – but no, you decided you were sober enough to go home. But that is to be expected. After all, you only know someone is drunk when they keep on insisting that they’re not. Check out different types of drunk people here:

Back to the story, you confidently drive back home without a care for the world or the road. You think you’re driving slowly. In fact, you think you’re driving too slowly, at 20 kilometers per hour perhaps. So, you pick up the pace. Not too fast, you say, just enough to get home in 30 minutes. After what would seem like forever, you suddenly hear the wailing sound of sirens. Did someone have a heart attack or something? No, it sounds different. Actually, it sounds scary. You look up in the direction of the rear-view mirror.

Oh, boy.

Oh boy, indeed. What is chasing you is no ambulance. Unfortunately, it’s no fire truck either – to your dismay. It’s the police. Wailing their sirens so loud you can’t almost hear yourself think. Wait, what’s there to think about anyway?

“Pull over!” the officer said. And, you did.

What’s there to feel guilty about right? I mean, you’re not drunk at all and you’ve been driving quite skilfully. It wasn’t even your top speed.

“Have you been drinking sir?”

“Yes, I have had a beer or two.”

“Just two, you say?”

“Yes, officer. You heard that right.”

“Two beers won’t make you drive past 140 kph sir.”

“Pardon me? 140, you say?”

“And two beers won’t make you walk with one shoe.”

You look down and gasp in confusion. You were wearing just one shoe. Since you can’t think of any other reason to justify your sanity, you proceed to saying:

“I’m sorry officer. I may have had one too many beers.”

“We, too, are sorry good sir but we will have to take you in. What you have been doing is beyond reckless and it may as well cost the safety of this city’s residents.”

And that’s how drunk-driving incidents often play out.

You see, what starts as an innocent drinking spree to relieve stress can have perilous consequences. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a criminal offense in many (if not all) places in the world. It is something that must not be practiced – for the sake of the driver and innocent citizens. In this case, mere apologies won’t cut it. This offense is punishable by law; it requires a hefty fine too! Wherever you are, it’s important that you know a good DWI lawyer to help you out during these crucial times. If you live in Albany for example, you will need an Albany DWI lawyer too.

But just because you got convicted with a DWI case doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Well, what can I say? Stuff like this happens – more often than you know. It’s a good thing that we have understanding and skilled lawyers to cover for our reckless actions. Don’t keep repeating the same mistake, though!

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