How Serious is a DUI in Las Vegas?


Have you been living your best life in Las Vegas and all is going well until suddenly a lapse in judgment has resulted in a DUI charge? A DUI charge isn’t something people count on happening, everyone always thinks they will be “just fine”. Maybe you miscalculated how many drinks you had, you just lost track, or perhaps you thought it wouldn’t affect you that much. Now that you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s only normal to feel stressed out and wonder how serious the charge is. So let’s unpack that question and look at what a DUI charge in Las Vegas means to you and your future.

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What Kind of Penalty/Punishment You’ll Receive?

The first question that people tend to have is what sort of penalty or punishment will be given to them. This is exactly why it’s so important to speak to a lawyer that has experience in dealing with DUI charges, as they can best advise you on your specific case. You can check out options like for information.

In Las Vegas, the punishment will be based on whether it is your first DUI or not. If this is your first DUI then it is charged as a misdemeanor. What this means is that you can face a fine of $400-$1,000, jail time of two days to six months, a license revocation that can last 185 days, eight hours spent at a DUI school, and you may need to sit in on a Victim Impact Panel.

There is a chance your lawyer may be able to get a first-time DUI reduced to reckless driving, or even have the charge dismissed. Keep in mind this isn’t a given, and this is something your lawyer will need to discuss with you to figure out your best defense and what the evidence is.

What If This Isn’t Your First Charge?

So, what happens if this isn’t your first DUI, is that something you should be concerned about? If you have any prior DUI charges in the past seven years, this becomes a much more serious matter. You’ll be looking at an increase in all aspects of the punishment. Again, this is why it’s extremely important to have a lawyer represent you to get the best outcome possible.

Other Factors that Determine the Outcome

Besides having prior DUI charges some other factors can determine the outcome and how serious the charge ends up being. These factors include whether you are under the age of 21 if your blood alcohol level was .18 or more at the time of the arrest and if your driving caused an accident that led to the injury or death of another person.

Taking the Charge Seriously

Any DUI in Las Vegas should be taken seriously and should prompt you to hire an experienced lawyer immediately. You want to ensure you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to make informed decisions and get the best outcome you can.


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