How You Can Help a Family Member Who Just Got Arrested


Did a family member recently get arrested? Perhaps they are sitting in jail, and you aren’t sure what you can do to help them. Knowing how to approach the process is half the battle. Discover how you can help the person you care about get through this difficult time in their life.

Know What The Charges Are

Before doing anything else, it is crucial to know what your family member is beingĀ charged with. If the charges are serious and considered a felony, it may cost more to get your family member out on probation. You can usually look up your county’s court system online, and find out what you are dealing with in terms of their charges.

Help Your Family Member Bond Out

Bonding out is when you agree to pay a fee dependent upon the charges in exchange for going to all necessary court dates. If the defendant does not attend their court dates, you’ll forfeit any money paid toward the court. If you do not have enough cash upfront to get your family member out, you can use a service, such as a bail bondsman Rocky River OH. This person can help you with the money required, but you’ll still have to pay them back.

Work With An Attorney

Depending on the charges you are dealing with, working with an attorney can help your family member. The attorney might be able to win their case or at the very least, help you and your family member understand what to expect and keep you updated throughout the court process.

Dealing with a family member in jail can be difficult. It’s important to know what the charges are and get your family member out of jail. Working with an attorney can help by shedding light on the situation and help you both know what to expect.



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