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You don’t have to be reckless to get involved in a car accident. With the busy traffic, chances are that you can easily collide with another car. Also, not everyone on the traffic roads cares about the traffic laws. Therefore, you might end up becoming a car accident victim because of a reckless driver. You don`t have to let such a person go unpunished. Liaise with NYC Car accident lawyer to help you get compensation.

Provided you sustained some injuries or damage in a car accident due to someone`s irresponsibility, a qualified motor vehicle accident lawyer will warrant you fair and satisfactory compensation. You can be a very careful driver but still, get hurt on the roads. It would be unfair to you if nothing is done to give you the just you deserve.

To seek compensation, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. This process can be faster and easier with a skilled NYC car accident attorney from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP.

Find out the main causes of car accident cases

Several car accidents in the United States are a result of human error. Some of these accidents are minor but the majority of them are grievous. A high percentage of people lose their lives every year from car accidents while many are left to nurse life injuries.

The repercussions are life long and serious too. For this reason, you need an excellent representation with your personal injury claim and this only possible if you involve a car accident lawyer with unmatched previous experience in New York City. Here are the common causes of many car accidents;

  • Drunk driving; drunk driving is a criminal offense in most parts of the world. Being in a drunk state interferes with rational thinking; therefore, such a driver can easily cause an accident. It’s advisable for any driver to wait until alcohol effects disappear to start driving again.
  • Over speeding; some drivers love operating at high speeds while others may be rushing somewhere to avoid running late. That way, they end up causing a road accident
  • Reckless driving; this one so rampant today. Some drivers on the roads do not have necessarily experience despite holding the driver`s license.
  • Bad weather; during rainy seasons, for instance, car accidents are quite common. This is as a result of mist weather and excess water on the roads.
  • Ignoring road signs; some drivers are just ignorant and you may end up becoming a victim of their ignorance.

Here are the reasons why you will need a car accident lawyer for your personal injury claim

  • A car accident lawyer understands the time limits

In NYC, there is a time limit under which you can present your car accident claim. An attorney has vast knowledge about the same. He/she will offer you require legal direction and will do everything to meet the set deadline.

  • Negotiate with the insurance company

Most car accident victims also become prey for the insurance companies. These companies strive to pay very little to cover the damages. Your attorney will negotiate so that you get a sensible compensation.

  • Provide proof in court

For you to be compensated, the police must provide a report supporting the same. Also, you have to get witnesses to testify against the culprit so that they are held responsible. Gathering evidence is tough and requires a legal expert


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