North Carolina: How the State Categorizes Misdemeanors


Criminal law Jacksonville NC lawyers defend individuals who have committed a variety of offenses from across the spectrum, including misdemeanors. These are criminal activities between felonies and infractions in terms of severity. They usually come with penalties like fines or community service rather than hard prison time, though there are cases where they can be upgraded to more serious charges. The state of North Carolina splits its misdemeanors into four classes based on the gravity of the act.

  1. Class A1

This is the most severe misdemeanor class in the state. It carries a potential minimum and maximum penalty of one and 150 days of active (jail), intermediate (supervised probation that might include house arrest, small periods of confinement in a facility or other restrictions) or community (community service, probation and/or monetary fees) punishment respectively. Examples include assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and sexual battery. The amount the perpetrator may be fined is up to the judge.

  1. Class 1

Class 1 misdemeanors rank second when it comes to severity. Possible repercussions are one to 120 days of active, community or intermediate punishment. Prostitution, larceny and possession of stolen goods fall into this category. Judges may impose fines at their discretion.

  1. Class 2

As with the others, being convicted of Class 2 misdemeanors could lead to active, intermediate or community punishment sentences. Here, the lightest possible punishment is one day and the heaviest is 60 days. Some crimes that fall under this umbrella are carrying without a permit, reckless driving and disorderly conduct. The largest monetary penalty that may be exacted is $1,000.

  1. Class 3

This is the least severe category of misdemeanor. There is a possibility of one to 30 days of intermediate, active or community punishment. The fine is capped at $200.

Misdemeanors are not as grievous as felonies. However, they do carry varying degrees of potential penalties depending on their class and have other consequences like criminal records.


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