The Weirdest Liquor Laws in the US


Each state in the US has its own unique laws surrounding liquor. For instance, in Utah, if you’re sitting in a restaurant and order a drink, you MUST also order some food to go with it. Or in North Caroline, there is a ban on offering discounts or “specials” on alcohol in the state. The truth is, if you’re planning on selling alcohol in a state, it’s important to consult with a liquor law consultant Texas (or whatever state you reside in) to make sure you are following all of the strange rules that might be written into law. Otherwise, you can humor yourself with some of these abnormal liquor laws across the US.

No on Neon

Did you know that in Alabama, you are not allowed to advertise alcohol with a neon sign? It’s true! Alabama also requires that beer be at room temperature before being sold and that student teachers are prohibited from getting drunk.

Moose Moonshine

Another great tidbit to know is that in Alaska it used to be completely illegal to feed a moose an alcoholic beverage. Well, not anymore! Giving a moose some moonshine is no longer illegal. Also, don’t plan on doing any dancing or listening to music in a brewery – it’s not allowed.

Alcohol Essays

In some states, including Arkansas, if a minor is convicted of drinking while underage, they have to pay a fine AND write a long essay about alcohol. Arkansas also doesn’t allow the sale of alcohol at any time of day on a Sunday, and only allows the sale of locally-produced wine in a grocery store.

No Drinking and Walking

Another great one is that in the District of Columbia you can drink in a bar or walk in a bar, but you can’t do both. That’s right. No drinking and walking in a bar at the same time!


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