What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

By: Thomas T. Woods

Criminal defense attorneys’ deal with those charged with criminal offenses in any of the courts in which they are charged. These include state, county and federal court. Criminal attorneys also defend people against prosecutor charges when the case is first filed. Most criminal defense attorneys specialize in some type of crime. They may defend clients charged with drug possession or trafficking, fraud, child pornography, rape, murder, arson, embezzlement, and so forth. The lawyers at Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law defend your rights by examining every detail of your case.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will investigate the evidence surrounding a criminal case, and he or she will make sure that each element of the crime is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. When it comes to criminal cases, an attorney needs to get the best results for his or her client. The result depends largely on how the lawyer decides to proceed.

A criminal defense lawyer is going to examine the case thoroughly, and he or she is likely to question police officers and prosecutors. The attorney will try to determine whether there was probable cause to stop the suspect. If there was probable cause, the lawyer will argue that the suspect’s right to a trial was violated. The defense will claim that the arresting officer had no reasonable suspicion for the stop. The attorney will ask for an explanation of why the suspect was being stopped.

Another thing the criminal defense attorney is going to do is to review the case file with the prosecutor’s office. This is where the attorney will look at any statements made by witnesses, any witness identification techniques used, any evidence collected, etc. The lawyer will also review all other documents and evidence that has been presented during the prosecution. He or she will then review this evidence with the client to make sure there is nothing in the file that may not be exculpatory. It is also a good idea to make a list of all questions you might have and ask your lawyer if he or she can answer these questions.

Your attorney will also speak with the suspect about pleading guilty or not guilty. He or she will present the defendant with all evidence to support this decision. Your attorney might recommend a plea bargain, which offers a reduced sentence if the suspect pleads guilty to the charge. Or even testify against the defendant.

So, it’s easy to see how a criminal defense lawyer works. He or she needs to present all the facts to the defendant, present any evidence supporting or contradicting the claim to the defendant, and persuade the defendant to accept a plea bargain or not guilty. After all, a guilty plea often means less time in jail and a lesser sentence. It’s important to hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the criminal process and is well-versed in criminal law.

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