What Happens Next If a Drunk Driver Hits Your Car?


Even if you are sensible, cautious, and never drive when you are drunk, there’s always the risk that somebody else might, and that driver could end up crashing into your car. Whether you have recently got your first car and started getting behind the wheel or are an experienced driver who wants to know what will happen next in this situation, it’s always good to be aware of the steps to take if you suspect that a drunk driver has collided with you.

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Check for Injuries and Get Medical Help

The first thing to do at the scene of an accident is to make sure that you and everybody else on the scene is okay. If you are injured or there is somebody else who has been hurt, call the emergency services immediately to get medical attention to the scene as quickly as possible. Do not move any injured people unless it would be dangerous to leave them where they are. If you can, try to keep talking to anybody who is badly injured to help them stay calm and awake.

Call the Police

This Birmingham car accident lawyer recommends that you should always call the police when involved in a car accident, but especially so if you believe that the other driver is drunk. If you suspect that the other driver has been drinking, you may want to make the police aware of this when you call, as they may not always attend to minor accidents that the recovery service can handle alone. At the scene, the police will be able to determine if the other driver is drunk by having them take a breathalyzer test. Bear in mind that you may also be asked to take one – this is standard, and doesn’t mean you’re suspected of being over the limit.

Inform Your Insurance Company

You should always inform your insurance company when you are involved in a road traffic accident. If the other driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision, this is information that your insurance company will need to know, since it will help in determining fault – and when a driver is over the legal limit, they will almost always be deemed to be at fault for any accidents that they are involved in.

Get Legal Help

Sadly, not all accidents that involve a drunk driver are going to be cut and dry. The driver might argue that, despite their drinking, you caused the accident and should be held liable. In some cases, drunk drivers may have the chance to sober up a little before the breathalyzer test is performed. The best thing to do in this situation is get legal help. A good car accident lawyer will fight your case and do whatever they can to help you get the compensation that you deserve for any injuries, loss of earnings, and damage to your property resulting from the collision.

While most people understand the dangers of driving while drunk and do not get behind the wheel after drinking, many sadly still do. Understanding what to do in the situation where you are hit by a drunk driver can help you get the desired future outcome for your case.

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