What to Do After a Florida Motorcycle Accident


What causes most motorcycle crashes?

Paul was the first to arrive at the 4-way stop on his motorcycle. However, that didn’t stop 2 large SUVs from prematurely pulling out, cutting the motorcyclists off mid-turn. Trying to avoid a collision, Paul had to tighten his turn, causing him to wipe out completely! Sadly, stories like this happen all the time.

Around one-third of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents happen because the other motorist drives into the motorcycle’s path. If you’ve been involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, it helps to know exactly what steps to take post-crash.

Read on to learn how to handle a motorcycle crash the right way.

Safety First

Personal protection should be your primary concern following a Florida motorcycle accident. Scanning your surroundings, check to see if you’re out of harm’s way. If you feel you can safely do so, move out of the way of traffic.

Keep Your Protective Gear On

Next, you’ll want to leave all of your protective gear on. You never know when a severe injury could be masked by adrenaline. Removing your protective gear could make the injury worse, or throw you into a state of shock. Rather than removing the gear yourself, wait for paramedics to arrive.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t think you’ve suffered any severe injuries, you should still seek medical attention. It’s easy for a minor injury, such as a mild head injury, to develop into something more severe down the road. By taking an ambulance to the hospital from the accident scene, your attorney will have an easier time connecting your injuries to the crash.

Seeking Damages for Serious Injuries

Did you know that Florida’s a no-fault insurance state? That means that it can be difficult to receive high claim payouts unless you can establish severe injuries.

Check it out though, the injuries don’t have to be physical. Emotional injuries, such as pain and suffering, also qualify. The more evidence you can gather at the accident scene, the easier it’ll be for you to prove to claim a variety of damages.

Gather Evidence

While you’re waiting for the police and paramedics to arrive, start to gather evidence. You can begin by making a quick voice recording where you recount exactly what took place. Next, photograph the position of your bike, the other vehicle, and the road.

If there are any potential witnesses, you’ll want to get their names and numbers to give to your injury attorney. Lastly, be sure to get the name of the at-fault party, along with their driver’s license number.

Overcoming a Florida Motorcycle Accident

It may feel like you’re never going to move past your Florida motorcycle accident. However, by following the advice in this article, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to get the compensation you need to recover financially and physically. To find out the strengths and weaknesses of your case, set up a free legal consultation with a local lawyer today.

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