What To Know When Dealing With a Loved One’s Arrest


When someone you care about has been arrested, it can be a very alarming and confusing scenario to find yourself in. While you might not have dealt with this particular situation before, being able to think clearly and make swift decisions can be helpful. Take a moment to review these points and learn a few basic tips on how to best resolve this issue.

Understand the Situation

Before you can do anything else, you absolutely need to understand the situation at hand. In some cases, the person who has been arrested might be calling you directly to inform you of the situation. However, you may also receive a call from the police station where they are being detained. In either case, you should be sure to ask about why the arrest was made. This will help you understand what you are about to walk into and prepare you emotionally for the next steps involved.

Consider the Bail

Posting bail can be one of the more difficult aspects of dealing with an arrest. The entire system of bail can seem needlessly complex and hard to understand, as there is no reliable system of measuring what amount someone’s bail will be set at. This means you could be looking at high bail even for a misdemeanor, depending on how the arresting and booking officers feel. In order to help your loved one, you should search for where you can turn for affordable bail bonds williamsport PA.

Explore Legal Solutions 

In almost all situations where a person is arrested and held with bail, further legal action will occur down the line. This means you should absolutely think about who you can turn to for legal assistance. Having the number of a good attorney handy can make a big difference in how at ease you feel once the proceedings begin.

Getting through a loved one’s arrest requires time and thought. Learn what you need to know and make the decisions that will help bring the problem to the easiest solution.


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