3 Reasons You Need an Estate Attorney


No one likes to think about what happens after death. The truth is, no matter how organized, prepared and communicative you are with your loved ones, estate issues can drown a family in chaos for generations. Therefore, it’s imperative you protect your property according to your will and wishes upon your demise. Here are three ways hiring an estate litigation attorney can benefit you.

  1. Protect Your Assets

litigation attorney Charleston SC specializing in property-related issues can help you prepare a will for your assets upon your passing, ensuring your last wishes are honored. A lawyer can also help you and your family understand the taxes associated with your estate and establish a trust to maintain your property after your death.

  1. Ensure Smooth Property Transfer

Some of the challenges surviving loved ones face are related to the timely transfer of property. Beneficiaries often have plans for their inheritance, like paying off debt or starting a business, so preventing unnecessary delays is ideal. A good estate lawyer can streamline the process for the distribution of assets and address any concerns that may arise.

  1. Manage Inheritance Disputes

Property-related issues are common, and arguments over inheritance between heirs can get downright ugly. Challengers to a will or trust can tie an estate up in court for years, draining loved ones emotionally and financially. Additionally, when allegations of fraud, forgery or coercion arise, proceedings can get complicated quickly. Experts in trust litigation can work to ensure the wishes of the deceased party are upheld.

Numerous issues can arise when money and property are involved. When emotions, anger and feelings of entitlement prevent heirs from settling their differences, it’s time to involve a neutral party. Hiring an attorney with deep knowledge, vast experience and estate expertise is essential for fair and legal resolution.



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