4 Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents in the US


If you know what causes car accidents then it will be easier to avoid them, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that but at least it will give you a fighting chance and help you to make sure that if you do have one, it isn’t your fault. Here are four of the most common causes of car accidents in the US.


Speeding causes more car accidents than anything else. If a driver is going too fast, they are less likely to be able to avoid hazards on the road. They may also find it difficult to slow down in time if they approach a stoplight or a tailback suddenly. This can cause them to go into the rear end of another car. Speed limits are designed for a reason and they are often reduced in areas where there have already been a lot of accidents. When you are driving, you should always stick to the speed limit. If you are the victim of a speeding driver, find yourself a lawyer for car accident speeding damage as quickly as possible.

Drunk Driving

Driving when you have been drinking alcohol will severely impair your judgment and your reaction time. This can lead to a serious accident or even death. The law is different depending on what state you are driving in but, if you want to make sure you are safe from having a drunk driving accident, it is always better to take a taxi or designate someone to drive who you know is not going to have a drink. You may want to take it in turns among your friends to make it fairer on you all and keep you safe.

Distracted Driving

Everyone has driven while being distracted at some point, whether the kids are causing havoc in the back of the car, you are arguing with your partner in the front, or you are driving alone and worrying about the big meeting you are going to. We are all guilty, but it is one of the biggest causes of car accidents in America. If it happens to you, find a safe place to pull over, take a few deep breaths and ask the person who is distracting you to be quiet so that you can drive to your destination safely.

Weather Conditions

There may be nothing you can do to change the weather, but you can make sure that your car is safe to drive in all conditions. Make sure you have the correct tires for the road and time of year and that your brakes and lights are in good working order before you set out. If you drive through a large puddle, always remember to check your brakes on exit and have your car checked over by a professional regularly.

These are the top four causes of car accidents. Make sure you are always driving within the law and able to concentrate when you are driving. Be vigilant and prepared for any sudden changes that could cause you an accident on the road.

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