Anger Management Courses Versus Domestic Violence Courses


When you hear about different ways to handle anger, two kinds of classes that may come up are those for anger management and those for domestic violence. If you are someone who regularly experiences angry outbursts at home, you may wonder which kind of course you need. While anger has a lot to do with domestic violence, the approaches to these two classes differ. In addition, each class has its own kinds of goals and objectives.

What Is the Focus?

Whereas the primary focus of anger management targets negative emotions and methods for responding to them, domestic violence classes center around power and control. On the surface, all explosive anger may appear the same, but with domestic violence, control over the abused is a key component. The designs of programs also differ. Anger management classes aim to assist attendees with stress management and communications skills. Domestic violence classes can include these aspects, but they go a step further because they aim to be deliberate interventions in household violence.

Who Should Attend?

With a wide selection of online anger management courses and domestic violence interventions available, accessing educational materials has never been easier. The question is: Who should attend? Sometimes, courts require individuals to attend one class or the other, but regardless of court mandates, anyone can take part in an anger management class. In contrast, only perpetrators of domestic violence should attend domestic violence courses. Sometimes, anger management can be helpful for first-time offenders of domestic violence, but more targeted classes are usually better for people who have anger issues that extend beyond emotions and into the realm of controlling loved ones.

If you are someone who is struggling with anger, you may have questions about what you should do. There can be many solutions available, but sometimes understanding them is confusing. The thing to remember is the role of power and control in your relationships. If your main concern is addressing your anger separate from anything involving domestic violence, anger management is probably what you need.



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