Big Lorry Tire Failures Are a Danger to the Public, Says Texas Accident Lawyer

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It is a devastating outcome when a vehicle driving along the road suddenly has a huge tire blow out. The extent of the damage depends on the type of vehicle and gets worst when it is a big lorry involved. When it is a crash with a smaller vehicle, there is bound to be fatalities.

Tire failures typically cause truck drivers to lose control of the wheel thereby resulting in deadly accidents and serious injuries. Most times when such accidents occur or are about to occur, vehicles close to the truck might be forced to swerve wildly in a bid to avoid collision with the truck. According to Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner, danger with this sort of incident is even increased when things like debris falls off the lorry.

Truck drivers do try their best. Most times even when this sort of scenario happens where a tire falls from a truck, you see the drivers on top of their game still trying to control their vehicle. Especially when it collides with a smaller car, accidents with big lorries can cause severe damage as they weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. To add to the challenge truck drivers have while trying to avoid hitting other road users, trucks do not stop as fast as smaller cars do when you apply the brake. You can see with this that a crash is nearly inevitable. This is why other road users and drivers of smaller cars should be careful not to drive too close to them.

A tire blow out might cause a moving truck to swerve to an opposite direction not intended for it to go initially. There are some serious cases where the truck becomes jack knifed while in some, it could even roll over. These ones are more associated with fatalities.

It is sad that some drivers when they see such cases where another tuck is jack knifed or rolling over, they start to panic. While panicking is normal for humans, it is not the best thing to do in this situation.

It is not rare to see 5-10 vehicles involved in a crash when a truck tire blowout occurs. Now you can see the importance of inspecting truck tires before they embark on a journey. This is the responsibility of the truck drivers. They should know that their lives are also on the line here and thus should pay attention to the truck tire’s maintenance and repair routine. This seems to be the only way out of accidents caused by tire blowouts. The trucking companies should also look into this.

It is important for anyone in Texas that has been involved in a truck accident to make time and speak with a reputable and trustworthy accident attorney, if they are involved in an accident. With this, your rights will be upheld. In accordance with this, we recommend you speak with the truck accident attorney, Greg Baumgartner. Contact him and get all the legal benefits that his years of experience include.

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