Important Delayed Accident Symptoms You Must Know

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Being involved in a collision can be traumatic. In case you are injured, you might feel the symptoms right away. However, it possible for many signs to be delayed. There are some reasons for delayed signs or symptoms. Pumping adrenaline can mask numerous symptoms of traumatic injuries. It might happen in case the brain of the victim is pre-occupied with the other things that he/she does not notice the symptoms right away. Moreover, the symptoms of a few traumatic injuries take time to come up.

Delayed Symptoms from Accidents

Many times, the effect of the internal injuries worsens over time due to which the victims do not the injury immediately. Here are a few examples of the delayed symptoms that might specify the requirement of medical treatment

  • Headaches

Headaches that start in a few days or weeks after the accident might be a sign of concussion or any kind of brain injury. The headaches can be signs of many other injuries also. It would be essential for you to describe the symptoms to the treating doctor carefully.

  • Abdominal Pain

Delayed abdominal pain can be a sign of internal organ damage to internal bleeding. It might be symptomatic of the injuries like abdominal muscle damage or neurological disorder caused due to TBI.

  • Tingling or Numbness

Tingling as well as numbness indicate nerve damage. These symptoms can be delayed in case they are concealed by the other symptoms, or caused due to inflammation that degrades after a crash. In most cases, these signs would subside after some time. However, to prevent permanent damage or fix the problem, medical intervention might be required for some crash victims.

  • Limited Mobility

Post-traumatic collisions, restricted range of motion as well as limited mobility are the common delayed signs. In case you are experiencing limited mobility is legs, arms, feet, hand, back, or shoulder, it is likely you have a strain, sprain, or tear.

  • Swelling

Delayed swelling can be a symptom of hematomas, broken bones, or other injuries. In case you experience the symptoms with pain, consulting a doctor promptly is essential.

  • Back Pain

Lower back pain after a few days of accident might be a symptom of a ruptured or herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, lumbar strain, or sprain. While the victims of a collision of all ages can get back injuries, the victims who are old might be at risk of spinal cord injury because of disc degeneration.

  • Anxiety or Depression

Both anxieties as well as depression can be signs of concussions. However, they can be the delayed symptoms of mental trauma of suffering a severe injury. It is important to understand that both are serious conditions. Just like other physical as well as psychological injuries, the victim can claim financial compensation for these. 

Apart from these, the delayed shoulder and neck pain could be signs of several traumatic injuries. This includes nerve damage, fracture clavicle, soft tissue damage, or whiplash. In case you have been injured in an accident and have questions or concerns regarding legal rights, consulting a reputable personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA is advised. The personal injury attorney having knowledge and experience of years in this area would clear your doubts and help you recover fair compensation.

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