3 Ways To Protect Children During Divorce

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Divorce is prevalent in a culture of busy individuals carving their way in an uncertain world, which would undoubtedly describe modern society. With estimates that up to 50% of couples divorce within seven years, the children involved would number in the millions. If you are going through a divorce, protect your children from the harshness of the process and help them cope using these three tips.

  1. Arguments

Fighting with someone involved in the dissolution of your old world is natural but arguing in front of the children is unnecessary. You may feel resentment after your family law attorney Gilroy CA helps you complete the legal process, but you don’t have to involve your children in your emotional rollercoaster. Instead, look for ways you can help your children stay neutral.

  1. Unity

It can be easy to innocently make comments in front of the children that place blame on the other parent for what you may believe is lacking in your new world. However, when you place blame, you ask your children to side with you against their other parent. Not only can this be psychologically damaging, but it can cause the child to create a world in which they lack trust in anyone they love. Try to keep your anger or negativity to yourself to protect your children.

  1. Love

The best way to shelter your young ones from the bitterness and anger associated with many divorces is by letting them know they are unconditionally loved. Don’t expect them to understand that you love them. They need to hear the words and experience the comfort of hugs. Counter all the negative emotions swirling around with soft words of love – it works wonders.

Helping your children cope with the emotions you are working through during divorce can be difficult, but you can protect your children with a few simple steps. Showing unconditional love and resisting negative words will help your children cope during a difficult time.


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