Answers to Your Questions About Divorce

Family Law

If you’re going through a divorce, you might not know what to expect. Fear of the unknown can add more stress, so it can help to contact a family law attorney near me Black Canyon AZ. Here are some things to know when getting divorced.


If you’re wondering what the divorce process will look like, it’s a fairly standard process. In a typical divorce, one spouse files a petition and awaits a response from the other spouse. Then, the couple must disclose any financial documents. The couple will try to reach an agreement, but if the divorce is contested and no agreement is reached, a trial date is set. The judge will make the final decision after hearing the case.


Most couples want to know how long it will take to finalize the divorce. The length depends on multiple factors. For instance, if a couple doesn’t have many assets, the financial determinations may be easier and quicker. Likewise, if there are no children involved, custodial and payment issues don’t need to be addressed. Generally, divorce is completed within six months to two years. To reduce the likelihood of a lengthy process, you’ll need to put forth the extra effort to present the marital assets in their entirety, determine a budget, and come to an agreement on issues regarding the children.


There are ways that you can keep the cost of a divorce reasonable, but you have to do some homework to make that happen. You might be able to handle tasks like creating a budget and custody schedule yourself, so try not to outsource everything. Additionally, pick your battles so that you’re not arguing with your spouse over aspects that bring little value. It might be more cost-effective to let your spouse have the coffee table than to spend hundreds of dollars in court battling it out.

Although divorces are complex, some aspects are predictable. If you do some research before and during the process, you can better prepare yourself for what’s to come.


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