3 Ways to Make a Positive Impact in Your Community


Do you want to see a change happen in the world? You don’t have to take on a major project or commit a huge amount of time or money. The little things can make a big difference. You could help out with a Lobbying Group Tallahassee FL to get involved, or contribute to the wellbeing of your town with another great initiative. See how simple it can be to do good today.

  1. Clean Things Up

Volunteer to collect trash along a walking trail in your city. Pick up the shoreline of a nearby beach. Help keep a park or playground free of garbage. You can do any of these things alone, or make it fun by organizing a group of people to get the job done. You’ll make quick work of the task and see the results of your efforts immediately.

  1. Keep Someone Company

If you have a few extra hours, spend the time at your local nursing home or assisted living center with the residents there. You can play cards or just sit and visit. They’ll enjoy having a visitor, and you’ll love hearing the stories they have to share. You might make a new best friend!

  1. Donate

Having an impact can be as easy as tidying up your closet. Take any unused or unwanted items and give them to your favorite charity. Go through your cabinets and pick out a few canned goods to bring to your local food pantry. The items you’ve been tripping over for weeks can be a blessing to someone else.

Incorporate some of these small tasks into your life and not only will you see the rewards in your town, you’ll feel good, too. Look for other opportunities to do good and pass the word along to your friends and family. It’s easier when we’re all working together.


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