E2 Visa Processing Times in the Slow Lane During Pandemic


There is a significant backlog for the E2 visa program, making processing times for applicants significantly longer. Embassies across the world are working to process the applications as soon as possible, but each application is experiencing a delay. In March 2020, the application count and processing time dropped significantly due to the worldwide pandemic. All consulates were ordered to suspend routine visa processing with few exceptions.

Those restrictions eased by June 2020, however, a heavy backlog continues. For those seeking an E2 visa, an E2 visa lawyer Los Angeles-based may help your application experience higher processing times.

Are E2 Visas Still Being Approved?

Yes. It is estimated that with this delay, there has been approximately a 45 percent decrease in E2 visa approvals. As consulates reopen the world over, however, that number is expected to be reduced. E2 visas are still being approved today, but the processing time is significantly longer than in years past.

This is however location-specific. The DOS reports that in some areas, some consulates have been approving E2 visas at rates faster than prior to the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

Get Support During This Transition

If you are hoping to have an E2 visa approved this year, a lawyer that specializes in visa applications can help. In California, an E2 visa lawyer can answer further questions on your visa application.


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