How a Lawyer Could Help You Manage the Challenges of a Short-Term Disability


Life can change quickly, and people often find themselves in situations where their ability to work gets affected overnight due to accidents that happened while at work. In these scenarios, individuals often don’t know where to turn and feel completely overwhelmed. If you can relate, a lawyer could provide much-needed assistance during your short-term disability.

Reduce Your Stress

Physicians know that stress directly affects your body. In addition to contributing to chronic illnesses, excessive stress could prevent your body from healing from the injury as fast as it otherwise might. Deciding to get legal assistance for your case could go a long way in getting rid of extreme stress and helping you feel that you can finally relax.

You can build up a significant amount of anxiety by spending countless hours researching legal topics on your own, especially if much of that time seems fruitless because you still feel confused after researching the information. Getting the advice from a legal professional allows you to receive guidance related to your specific situation, thereby saving you time and worry.

Advise You of the Legal Actions to Take

Immediately after an accident happens, you may be filled with doubt, especially regarding whether you made a mistake that caused the accident or if your employer is fully or partially to blame for what happened. An attorney will listen carefully to all the characteristics of your incident and give advice about how you should or can proceed.

Your employer may offer disability insurance, or you can purchase it. But, disability insurance generally applies to long-term disabilities, not the short-term issue you’re dealing with now. As such, your lawyer can assist you in doing things like filing a lawsuit or applying for worker’s compensation. Think of your lawyer as someone who can provide a roadmap of sorts as you evaluate options.

Specify the Need-to-Know Information for Your State

Many people don’t realize there are variations by state for short-term disability eligibility and other essential information such as how much you’ll get paid while receiving short-term disability. For example, during a short term disability Nevada residents generally get 67 percent of the lost wages caused by their disabilities. Additionally, they can get those payments for a maximum of 24 months.

No matter where you live, it’s imperative to apply for disability benefits as soon as possible. That’s because it may take a couple of weeks for them to take effect, although they may reach you a few days after filing. If there is a notable delay between the time that you become disabled and the first day you get benefits, it may be necessary to use paid time off days to make up the difference, if you have those available.

The advantages mentioned here are not the only ways that a legal professional could assist you after a short-term disability, but they are some of the most applicable benefits. It’s immensely unsettling to realize that you are temporarily disabled to the point of not being able to work in a way that allows earning your full wages. Fortunately, the information provided by a lawyer could help you feel more at ease during this difficult time.


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