Job Shadowing for High School Students


It is normal for kids to be uncertain about what they want to be when they grow up. By the time they are beginning their senior year of high school, however, children should give serious thought to the matter. One way parents can encourage this is through job shadowing opportunities. Here are some professions to consider for your child.

  1. Attorney

Going to law school is a solid choice for a young person to make. Law is a diverse field with many opportunities, and a degree can open doors to other professions as well. If your family lawyer does not have any openings for young people, simply ask your computer or smart phone to search for lawyers near me. There is most likely one in town that will be happy let your child spend time in the office or even in court.

  1. Doctor

Most hospitals have volunteer programs where teenagers can serve in various capacities. Just spending time in the hospital environment will allow a young person to get a feel for what it would be like to work there. Some may enjoy the experience and decide to pursue a career in medicine, while others may realize it is not as glamorous as it appears on television.

  1. Teacher

Teenagers already spend most of their time in school, but shadowing a professional in early childhood education gives them an opportunity to be around younger children who look up to them. Most teachers are more than willing to mentor an aspiring future educator, and can also use the help grading papers. Once given a chance, most kids know right away whether they enjoy being around younger children or not.

By setting up a job shadowing opportunity for your high school senior, you will be helping him or her to make one of life’s most important decisions.


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