Truck Accidents: How the Claims Process Works?


If you have been injured in a truck wreck, the first thing after recovering from your injuries is to partner with an experienced truck crash lawyer to defend your rights. You can search on Google for the ‘best truck accident lawyer near me’. Once you have decided on your team, here are the steps that you need to take to secure your claim.

  1. Sign an Agreement with a Truck Accident Lawyer

The first step is to make your relationship with the truck crash lawyer official by negotiating and signing a contract. This contract is also known as Retainer Agreement or Letter of Engagement. Make sure the contract you sign enlists the following:

  • Acknowledgment of the complete confidentiality of information
  • The contingent fee percentage and other payment expense details including recovering or not recovering damages in the case
  • Terms of how you and the lawyer can cancel the agreement
  • Disclaimer of how the lawyer may deal with the case, investigations, negotiations of medical expenses, and ordering of medical records

Remember each law firm works differently. So just be sure to understand the basic points of the contract before signing anything.

  1. Conduct all Communication through Your Truck Accident Lawyer Only

Once your claim has been pushed, it is advisable to limit all communication about the case to your lawyer only. Truck accidents are very different from car accidents and get handled in another way. This is primarily because, in a truck accident, several parties are held liable.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Do report your truck accident to your insurance agency
  • Do not sign anything you are not sure about
  • Do lodge a police complaint
  • Do mention the name and details of your truck wreck attorney
  • Do not share the accident details with anyone outside except your lawyer
  1. Investigation and Collection of Evidence

At this stage, your retained attorney will begin gathering all the evidence to push your claim. This stage may include the appointment of expert accident site investigators to scrutinize the place, reviewing of all police and medical records, accident reconstruction, etc. It may also involve meeting with the insurance agents, identifying potential eyewitnesses, and coaching you to effectively describe the crash.

  1. Sending the Personal Injury Demand Letter

Once your legal team has gathered all the evidence, your lawyer will draft a personal injury demand letter. This will be sent to the liable parties who are responsible for the accident.

The letter will include how you have been affected by the accident as well as the compensation amount needed to restore justice.

  1. Proceed Towards Settlement or Trial

After the truck company receives the demand letter, they will be able to look at the evidence and assess their own case. Depending on the situation, they will have to decide their next move.

This can be either accepting the demands and going for a settlement or going to a trial. The company may also negotiate the terms and present a counter offer.

This is an extensive procedure that requires the help of a good lawyer. So while searching for a ‘good truck accident lawyer near me’, make sure to check the qualifications and experience level of the firm.

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