What to do if You’re in an Automobile Accident


No-one wants to think about being in a car accident. It’s still important, however, to know what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re in this situation. Adrenaline and survival skills will kick in, so you need to drill in the important actions, so you’ll be able to perform them instinctively.

Make Sure Everyone is Safe and Okay

Before anything else, make sure you, your passengers, and the people in the other vehicle are okay. Don’t worry about the cause of the accident at this point. Insurance companies or an alcohol attorney Newport Beach CA should take a back seat to safety. If someone is injured, it’s best not to move them unless you think they are in further danger. If the vehicles can be moved, get them to a safe shoulder of the road or parking lot. It’s a common misconception that a vehicle must be left where it is during an accident. This is not the case.

Call the Police

One or both parties should call 9-1-1 as soon as possible. Even if the accident does not appear to be severe, authorities would rather be safe than sorry. The police report will also be the key record if there is a dispute about the cause of the accident down the road.

Do Not Admit Fault

When assessing damage and checking people to see if they’re okay, resist the temptation to say something like “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you!” or “That was totally my fault.” This can be used against you in an insurance claim. Furthermore, if may appear to be your fault, but the other driver may have been texting or not paying attention. Of course, you must state accurate information to a police officer taking a report. That said, stick to the facts. They will ask questions and provide a citation if they determine there is fault. Otherwise, it can be discussed later with insurance agents.


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