What You Should Do if You Get Sued


Whether you’ve been in a personal altercation or you were part of a crime, you could find yourself getting sued. If you receive a summons in the mail, don’t freak out. It doesn’t automatically mean anything terrible is going to happen to you. Here is what you should do if you get sued.

Don’t Ignore It

One of the worst things you can do when you get a summons is to ignore it. Ignoring it will likely cause the judge to rule against you, meaning you’ll be guilty by default. When you’re found guilty, you could find that your wages are garnished or that a bench warrant is put out for your arrest. You can help mitigate these issues by attending court and entering a plea.

Get an Attorney

While you might not need an attorney if you’re sued in small claims, you’ll want one for most other things. An attorney will know what to say and what documents to file, so you should rely on their expertise. Furthermore, an attorney knows the law and will work to get the other side to settle, if at all possible. When speaking to other people about the case, always follow what your attorney has instructed you to do. They only have your best interest in mind.

Attend Depositions

Not all cases require legal depositions Boston MA, but you’re legally required to be there if you are sent a subpoena to attend one. Make sure you never attend a deposition without your attorney. You’ll be asked questions about the incident by both your lawyer and the lawyer for the opposing side. Your attorney will likely explain to you before you go how you’re supposed to answer.

Be Respectful

When you’re facing a lawsuit, your emotions are likely all over the place. When you’re talking to a judge or a jury, you want them to rule following the facts of the case and not be swayed by your poor attitude. Be respectful and kind to everyone you talk to. When you’re kind, others will respond that way, too.

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