Checklist: 4 Key Signs That You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury

Were you recently injured in an accident and aren’t sure whether or not to talk to an injury lawyer about the incident? Getting injured in an accident can be a startling event, and in some cases, can cause you to make irrational decisions. Here’s a quick checklist of four key signs you can use to identify whether or not you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

Your injury was severe

If your injury was severe, chances are you should speak to a personal injury lawyer. Remember that many lawyers offer free consultation even if they don’t take your case on, and this can be pivotal to helping you make an informed decision about your case. Especially if the accident you were in resulted in a life-altering injury, such as a missing limb or paralysis. Many times, medical costs and other costs associated with the drastic change in your life can be covered by a second or third party, helping to ease your burden in the wake of such a dramatic event.

You aren’t liable for what caused the injury

Fault can be tricky to prove at times, which is why an experienced injury lawyer can help you assess the circumstances that led to your injury and help you determine whether or not you’re liable or not. Even if you are liable, if there are multiple other parties who can be held liable as well, it may still be worth considering pressing charges, as you then could avoid being the sole party responsible for all costs incurred as a result of your accident.

Your insurance is uncooperative

If your insurance company or the insurance company of the individual who caused the accident is uncooperative, you should call a lawyer. Sometimes, a driver’s insurer may avoid making the first move in these kinds of cases, especially if they think they have something to gain by not cooperating with you in the aftermath of your accident. While it’s unfortunate, a lot of times involving a lawyer and pressing the threat of legal action can be the difference between a case getting off the ground and staying stuck in limbo for months.

You have considerable medical or repair bills

Medical bills, ambulance rides, and automotive repairs can all add up quickly, particularly for serious injuries that require a longer stay in the hospital. Getting a law firm involved in the case can help offset many of these costs by finding you a settlement if you aren’t liable for the accident. Many consultations are free, so it never hurts to meet with a team if you’re unsure if your bills meet a certain threshold or not.

If you can check off any of the above signs, you may want to talk to an injury lawyer. It’s always a good idea to pick a local law firm, because there can be discrepancies between laws from state to state or province to province. For example, if you’re located in Nova Scotia, you may want to search for a personal injury lawyer in Halifax – there are some intricacies that a lawyer from Montreal or Ontario may not be as aware of. Particularly in cases where your injury is serious, it’s always a good rule of thumb to get a legal team involved to see if you have anything to gain from pressing charges.

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